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Years ago an eleven year old girl undergoing chemotherapy wrote a story about a zebra named Zink. Zink is different from other zebras because she has spots instead of stripes. Zink’s parents reassure her that although her appearance changed, she was still the same beautiful, sweet girl on the inside and out. Bullying is a very serious issue in our society that affects people of all ages but it starts with the youth. We believe in growing good people and teaching them young. We support Act Now! by donating a portion of the proceeds of all Zink’s LYNKS ( Ivory with black stripe) to benefit the program. Working together to continue to help eradicate bullying Act Now! spreads the message of understanding, compassion, acceptance, and respect. Act Now! is an e-learning course designed for K-12th grade students, school staff and parents. Act Now! helps counselors and teachers increase awareness about bullying and gives students the grade appropriate skills they need to prevent and stop it. More information about the program can be found at www.healthykidslearnmore.com